Who Are We?

Primarily, India is an agriculture-based country, and rural development is one of the foremost essential factors for expanding the Indian economy. To support and extend our help for this country sector, the Humanity Welfare Council has initiated the Project Srishtipath

HWC is a National level organization in India with the motto of witnessing a developed nation by 2030. Since agriculture comprises nearly one-fifth of the GDP in India, our central focus is on mitigating the issues faced by rural India.

The Bundelkhand region is the most backward region of the country with a grim face of poverty. Due to its distinctive geographical features, this region has many disadvantages, making it backward socially, economically, and industrially.

Therefore, the Humanity Welfare Council has chosen the Bundelkhand region for Phase 1 of its development programmes under Project Srishtipath. The research team of HWC closely studied the factors behind the region's backwardness and found that some of the elements are natural, but most of the features are anthropogenic. Some of the findings are as follows:

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As agriculture is the main livelihood of Bundelkhand, the regular scarcity of water slows down the course of growth and development of this region. It leads to severe livelihood crisis, escalating helplessness, migration, farmers suicide, child and bondage labour etc.